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Corporate Websites

Auto Motor Parts Group LTD is a dynamically developing company with many years of experience. Its main activity is importing and distributing original and aftermarket auto parts, lifestyle accessories, and tuning products for the BMW brand.

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AutoMotorParts® asked us to create a company website for them, the primary purpose of which is to give the opportunity to people who want to buy or already have a car that a customer of the company previously owned, to see its full-service history, by VIN (identification number of the vehicle).

Logo and Brand Identity

Before building the site, we had to create a logo that would best reflect the company's activities, mission, and purpose. It was the basis of the brand identity, on which we would step, building the site as well.

The emblem references the hallmark of BMW's M series. The colors and slant of the famous three lines made as part of the typography have been modified to suit the look of the selected font.

We also created the Brand Book, which represents the AutoMotorParts® company concept, containing the main characteristics that distinguish it from the rest.

VIN search engine

We have made it so that already on the initial section of the site, users can quickly and easily, just by the identification number of the car, find out its entire service history.

We have also added a "Car Service History" button in the navigation bar of the site, which follows you everywhere on it, from where you can also quickly access the search engine.

Login to profile

Any AutoMotorParts® customer with more than one vehicle can log into their account, with email and password, and view the history of all their orders that are associated with the corresponding VIN.

Animations and custom elements

We bet on unobtrusive, discreet, and modern animations that break up the site design and keep users' attention.

Different elements on the site have custom hover animations, demonstrating attitude and attention to

The thing that few people pay attention to - the slider, is also made in the style of the site.

And for the most observant, on the "Car Service History" page, the magnifying glass is also made to refer to the BMW brand.


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