From Front-end Developer to Web Development Lead


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From Front-end Developer to Web Development Lead.

How did you learn about Weband?

As far as I remember, from friends who at that time were interns at the company.

What made you join the Weband team?

The opportunities that were offered to me for my personal development. The common goals and a similar vision of what we want the web environment in Bulgaria to look like in the near future.

What is your role in the company?

My role is not to leave the need for others to deal with any front-end issues, to find the solution and realization of each client's need, and not to limit our creative designers with applying their ideas.

What do you like most about what you do?

The opportunity to create. To learn new things every day, to contribute with my work.

How to become a Front-end Programmer in Web Development Lead?

Along with perseverance - analytics, adaptability, and creativity are some of the leading skills that you need at hand at all times.

What do you value most in the company?

Our closeness in the team, personal freedom, and purposeful upgrade of each element that builds the company.

What is Weband that many people don't see?

People can't see our dedication at work, our lunch discussions, and how we have fun, deservedly and properly.

What did you learn about your time at Weband?

I will not mention here the technical aspects of our work, but rather I would pay attention to the purely human ones. We are young people who change themselves in a positive direction, spending their days together in pursuit of common goals, more than we realize. I have recently begun to realize this, in fact, and I will make the most of it.

Describe a working day in the company in three words

Planning, coding, lunch.

What are the plans for the development of the company for the next 2 years?

If I give a concrete answer to this question, it will probably not be relevant in a year, which shows the adaptability and the fact that we take advantage of every opportunity, but I anticipate a great and satisfactory development.

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