How to recover Windows 10 password


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How to recover Windows 10 password.

From this issue of the digital culture show "Press F1" you will find out what protection the password of the computer gives us, how we can update it, and what will happen if we forget it.

What is the Windows password?

The Windows password is used to protect personal accounts against the misuse of personal data and programs on those accounts. If there is more than one account on a computer, that account is password protected. When we are not logged in, Windows asks us which account we want to log in to. The Windows password protects us from malicious hacker attacks, as well as from physical access of various people to our laptops.

If you have a password, you have several levels of protection against your data falling into someone who wants to misuse it.

If we forget our password, we have a few steps we can take. When entering the password, if we make a mistake the first time, we will be shown a hint below the field for entering the password, which hint we enter it, when creating a password. This hint is provided by us for us, but it should be borne in mind that this hint would be seen by other people. It will come out to anyone who enters the password incorrectly. That's why it's good for the story to be an association, not just the password itself. Another option for password recovery is, if you have a Microsoft account, to request a password recovery by sending us a new password to the email address that is linked to this account. Or if we have a local account - to answer 3 questions provided specifically for such authentication if we do not know the password.

Christian Yaprakov
Co-founder and technical director of a web agency