How much does a website cost?


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How much does a website cost?.

This is a taboo question when it comes to making a website nowadays. Therefore, we will try to describe the advantages, benefits, and negatives of seeking an answer to this question. 👇

There is no exact answer to this question. 💬

This is one of the most asked questions in the field. And this is not a coincidence! Although it is clear to everyone that the site is in most cases an asset that is the result of non-standard pricing and its development time is indefinite, it is important for the buyer to know how much it costs.

Unfortunately, precisely because the development of a website nowadays does not have a fixed price (which is normal, since it is not a mass product for the manufacturer and there is no production line and fixed cost), all of us as consumers doubt when we get a price from the developers - "Is it cheap? Is it expensive? Or is it a perfect price? ”

That's the right question! 👏

That probably every time the question "How much does it cost?" we will hear "It depends", it does not mean that we should not be interested and continue to ask it. In fact, the more interested we are in the price when looking for contractors, the better. Let's see what are the most common answers to the question and try to define them:

1. "It depends on what budget you have…” 💳🙌

Of course! Any self-respecting consultant or retailer of personalized services will ask you this question. It is unlikely that when you go to buy a new car and say in the showroom that you want to buy a car, they take you immediately to a car. The problem here is not that the merchant is interested in your budget, but your distrust of it.

Unfortunately, in our latitudes, there is still a sense of ‘Don’t be fucked’ and this plays a key role in providing such information to the buyer. Always provide your exact or indicative budget from the beginning. This saves your and other people's time. And it is up to them to offer you the best for your budget.

2. “Depends on what you are looking for... ” 🔍

This is definitely a response that shows the professionalism of the trader. With such a question, he is probably trying to find a solution for you personally, and not to deceive you, as most of us are used to thinking. Always provide all information to the merchant. Don't worry if you get into technical or business details. It is his job to understand you and, if not, to arrange another meeting with the right people.

3. "We offer different solutions!” 🤹🏽

You are likely to hear a similar answer when contractors have defined their services and offer a different but selected set of services and each has its own price, term, and characteristics of workmanship. For example Website for services up to 5 pages and configuration of basic modules or Online store with a ready template.

Which offer should I choose? 🤔

We assume that you have consulted several companies and received offers with a difference to the sky. (To avoid this, see item 1). Yes, it is very likely that you will receive offers on the free market, including components and information that the company has decided to include for itself. It is important to know that a website design offer is recommended to contain at least the following components*:

  1. Address - To you or the company you represent.

  2. Technical and unambiguous information regarding the service and the final product you will receive.

  3. Terms of delivery/deadline for production.

  4. Prices/pricing of the service.

  5. Scheme and method of payment.

  6. Warranty or support conditions.

  7. Validity of the offer.

*In their form, the above points are not mandatory in essence and/or nature of the law, but our recommendation of what to look for or require from your supplier or future partner.

When you have the following components in the received offers, you will easily be able to make a choice or consult an expert and choose the company you will work with. It is good to pay a lot of attention to the layout and diligence with which the offer was sent to you.

And finally…

The cost of Web Development is just as much as you pay for it. 💰 It is important that the price you pay justifies the work, the quality, and the end result that you planned at the very beginning of the implementation. And in order not to be left with any figures provided, it is good to know that there are sites costing nearly $50, as well as those whose final price will never be announced because they do not stop evolving daily and it pays for their development.

💡 ➡️ If you have a certain budget and do not know if you will be able to complete your project or are looking for a reliable contractor, contact us and we will consult you for free! 🔥