Business without a diploma: Magicians set up a web agency


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Business without a diploma: Magicians set up a web agency.

What is the recipe for success?

5 million young people from the European Union neither study nor work. Bulgaria is one of the first places in this ranking. This is shown by Eurostat 2015 data. Meet two young people without a university degree, but ... with a successful business. How did Daniel and Angel set up a software company without a degree?

They are not ordinary 20-year-old boys. They are magicians who founded a web agency. The tricks bring Angel and Daniel closer, and programming connects them as partners in business.

When they graduated from high school two years ago, the boys decided not to continue studying, but to try with their own business in the IT sector. Today, they are at the head of a successful business and the recipe they have for success is easy and simple to follow.